Developer / Coder / Programmer, you may have to celebrate something today!

That’s my list of events related to computer science that you have to celebrate at office with your colleagues. So you have no excuse to clean out your computer in February, do a backup in March or celebrate all your killed Bugs during the year in December. There is a lot of other days to celebrate, you can find my list and feel free to contribute.

And please, don’t forget to bring croissants at office…

January Event
15 Jan Wikipedia Day
25 Jan Macintosh Computer Day
28 Jan Data Privacy Day
February Event
04 Feb Facebook’s Birthday
08 Feb Clean Out Your Computer Day
20 Feb Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
22 Feb World Thinking Day
March Event
14 Mar Pi day
31 Mar World Backup Day
April Event
05 Apr Annual CSS Naked Day
21 Apr High Five Day
27 Apr Morse Code Day
May Event
01 May CSS Reboot Day
22 May The Ethernet Birthday
25 May Geek Pride Day
June Event
23 Jun Alan Turing’s Birthday
July Event
06 Jul Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day
22 Jul Pi Approximation Day
26 Jul System Administrator Appreciation Day
September Event
07 Sep Google Commemoration Day
12 Sep Programmer’s Day
20 Sep Software Freedom Day
October Event
16 Oct Steve Jobs Day
November Event
25 Nov Update Your Parents Browser Day
30 Nov Computer Security Day
December Event
02 Dec Kill a Bug Day