Meeting planner book 🆚 digital meeting planner (free download)

Taking notes and next steps during a meeting, is really (!) important. It’s not a secret.

When I enter into a library, I always love to check the notebooks they are selling. I always find the same models, like the one from LEUCHTTURM1917 (14,95€ on Amazon) for example. They are good but, so classic.

Recently, I was in the Flying Tiger Copenhagen @Strasbourg and I found a notebook focused on MEETINGS. That’s interesting. All the pages are pre-filled to take meeting notes: topic, location, date, agenda of the day, list of attendees, todo list + deadline + owner and finally some space for the raw notes.

If you like it, you have two options:

  1. Buy it physically on
  2. Download the digital version of the book, I created the Word version


📚 The physical notebook

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📱 The digital notebook version

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