[VIDEO] one day in life of SAP software engineer: why? how? difficulty? views?

The video


I wanted to do a snapshot of my life in a moment I really like what I’m doing and in a moment I think my potential is high. I plan to do the same in few years (5?!) to compare and see how it changed (evolution, progression, etc.).


For the camera, it’s a basic (and a little bit old) Sony Alpha 5000. Not expensive, I bought it second-hand for 180€ (200$). For the software part, I only used Adobe After Effects for the video editing/cutting. The sound is from the YouTube sound library (free). You can find some great musics & sound effects but the risk is to find your music in another video. The font used is the font from Apple, used on iOS : San Fransisco Display (you can find the links link at the end of the article).


Definitely hard. I think French (also in Paris) are afraid by videos and when they see the camera, the reflex is to go out camera’s view. So yes, it’s not easy to get good images on natural moments. That’s a very important element for a good final result of a video like this.


That’s fun. I never posted any video on YouTube and this is my first one. I posted it in public and sent it only to my colleagues and friends: 5 days later, I get more than 1200 views, 49 likes, 19 comments. It’s not HUGE but I’m a little bit surprised :).

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