1. Joey Bronner

      Avec Powerpoint pour bien gérer les marges et placer mes objets…
      Un mix de plusieurs idées que j’ai trouvé sur le net, un peu d’imagination et puis voilà 😉

  1. Alfred

    Hi Joey,
    Thanks for developing Google Translate add-on on Google Sheet with your heart!
    I’d like to find out:
    -The free quota available for each account for the translation
    -How to pay if it exceeds the limit and what’s pacakge
    -The performance limit of this Google Sheet translate (any size limitation, translation speed).


  2. Harshad Sahrma

    came here after your one day in life of SAP Engineer ….
    I really enjoyed your Video and now your CV.
    its really good and attractive
    c’est magnifique{Pardon my french ,i’m learning it..}

      1. Chiheb

        Salut Joey
        j’ai regardé votre vidéo sur youtube ” one day in life of SAP Engineer ” , j’aime bien votre vidéo, et votre blog aussi, c fascinant vraiment et motivant, bon courage… 😉

  3. Vikky

    Hey Joey
    I am a software programmer in india currently working on .net framework.I want to know that what are the new things I should learn next for an exciting and successful career.


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