W38Y16 – Setting up ADB on OSX, Android app icons generation, catch key press with Angular & DIY french webserie

Set up adb on Mac OSX

adb ADB is the command line tool to manage your Android phone and so install and run apps or different ROMs for example. Setting up ADB on Mac OSX is not quite easy and I lost time to configure it, so the line below will help you if you have to set it.

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/Users/[yourusername]/android-sdks/platform-tools/' >> ~/.bash_profile

Generate icons Android app

Link launcher_icon_generator Launcher icons for Android apps are requested to be in several formats, and you’ll spent a lot of time if you want to build them in all the sizes. Here, you can find a tool from Roman Nurik where you just have to upload your image in a good format (512×512 minimum I think), and it will generate it for you in all those formats:

  • xxxhdpi
  • xxhdpi
  • xhdpi
  • hdpi
  • mdpi
  • web
  • hi-res

In addition, you can add some effects like square, circle, vertical/horizontal rectangle etc. Try it!

Bring life to TextView

demo3 Yes, it’s possible and it’s very nice! Thanks to HTextView, you can add some animation effects to your TextView fields. You only have to add the lib dependency to your project:

compile 'hanks.xyz:htextview-library:0.1.5'

and add the element to your xml layout:

    htext:fontAsset="fonts/font-name.ttf" />

You can find HERE, the github repository to this project hosted by hanks-zyh. Star and share it to your network!

Catch key press with Angular

keypress_white If you want to provide some assistance using keyboard shortcuts in your web app (using Angular as front-end framework), I recommand to use a bower library called angular-keypress (you can find the Github repo HERE). Get it from bower:

bower install --save angular-keyboard-shortcuts

Use it simply like this:

<a ng-click="goToPreferences()" keyboard-shortcut="control+,">Preferences</a>
<a ng-click="openSettings()" keyboard-shortcut="s">Open Settings</a>

Very useful and enjoyable for users, really.

DIY French webserie

A short webserie (8 episodes) about DIY projects is proposed by Arte. It’s called “Fais-le toi-même” and it’s about creativity and inventions by makers. If you are passionate by Arduino and RaspberryPi stuffs or simply curious about it, go to check it!


All episodes are available HERE