IoT, Internet of Things

Project Quick description Link Licence
Unlock PC Unlock your PC using your own company RFID card (or your company phone) Youtube Open Source
Drawer Unlock Drawer unlock using an Arduino UNO board, a fingerprint and a servo Youtube Open Source
Transilien Alerter A simple alerter to know the next transilien (Paris train) from a given station Youtube Open Source
Arduinobribus Build your own bus shelter for < 5euros Youtube & Github Open Source



App Quick description Store link Price
Free Hand Twitter Check your Twitter timeline while eating Google Play Free
Time To Pack Up Organize all your stuffs before your travel Google Play Free
Pomodoit The famous Pomodoro management technique on your mobile Google Play Free
Mourinho Excuse Generator Get your own Mourinho’s excuses Google Play Free
Chrome DevTools CheatSheet It provides a quick reference to each shortcut available in Chrome DevTools. Google Play Free
Sublime Text CheatSheet It provides a quick reference to each shortcut available in Sublime Text. Google Play Free
Material Lafay A chrono app following the rest times from the famous French Lafay method of musculation. Google Play Free

Google Add-On


App Quick description Store link Price
Translate My Sheet Perform a full Google Spreadsheet translation in 1 click Chrome Store Free
Dictionary Get words insights (definition, synonyms, antonyms, examples, etc.) while working on a Google Docs Chrome Store Free

Web apps


App Quick description Link Price
Hack Github Commit Graph Hack your Github commit graph Website Free
Osprey Free Hand Twitter as a web application Website Free
SNCF Transilien Chatbot Chatbot (in French) that help you to find the next train for your route. Website Free
Harry Bet AI Artificial Intelligence that predicts Football bets based on crawling websites and match history. Website Free
Proud To Work @SAP Website that allows you to take selfies with some SAP filters (a webcam is required to use it). Website Free
BonjourIngwiller B&W photos of small village Ingwiller, in Alsace (France) Website Free
Porte d’Asnières Next bus (PC line) & tram (T3b line) from Porte d’Asnières (Paris 75017) Website Free


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